The One-on-One Program

This program is all about diving deeper into cleaning up your body's terrain so that you can live life with energy and vitality! It is designed for people who need more accountability and guidance as they work towards their health goals. With ongoing meetings and communication, we can create a customized plan and make tweaks along the way so that you can experience greater results and set you on a path to feeling your best!

Who will benefit from this program:

  • Anyone who has completed a dietary clean-up

  • Anyone whose symptoms aren't getting better

  • Anyone who is committed to getting to the root issue

Who will not benefit from this program:

  • Anyone who thinks there's a quick fix or magic pill
    for lifelong health

  • Anyone who can't commit to a least four consultations over the new few months

  • Anyone who is not committed to making long-term changes to their eating habits

Testing Offered

  • GI-MAP Stool Testing

Get info about the health of your gut and microbiome, your digestive function, and use targeted protocols to support getting back into balance.

  • MRT Food Sensitivity Panel

This is often recommended alongside the GI-MAP. If you are showing signs of inflammation, this helps to identify if there are food-based factors that are contributing to that.

  • Adrenal Hormone Testing

Signs of blood sugar dysregulation, fatigue, energy fluctuations throughout the day, difficulty sleeping, high-stress lifestyle, anxiety, and chronic immune challenges could all be indications that your adrenal glands need to be supported.

  • Female Hormone Testing

Female hormone testing can provide valuable information for anyone with fertility concerns, period issues, or if you’re experiencing hormone-related symptoms like low libido, hot flashes, night sweats, PMS, mid-cycle spotting, etc.

  • Male Hormone Testing

Loss of libido, loss of enthusiasm, low mood or depression, fatigue, being overweight, and blood sugar dysregulation can all be signs of hormone imbalances in men. Don’t guess… test!

  • Functional Blood Chemistry

A comprehensive panel assessing the thyroid, blood sugar handling, cholesterol, liver function, inflammation, cardiovascular health, immune function, anemia, nutrients such as iron and vitamin D, kidney health, and more. This panel goes much deeper than typical conventional medicine panels which are ordered based on the standard of care.