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The Initial Consult

In this 90-minute assessment via phone call or in person meeting, we'll evaluate your current health and create your next action steps.

The initial consult includes...



We'll take a detailed look at your complete health history so that we can fully understand what has brought you to this point and what is next.



We'll analyze a week-long food journal you'll keep prior to our session. This helps us understand how you're eating now and how it's feeling in your body.



You may have been through many practitioners and have completed other testing.  We'll start with that and fill in the gaps if needed.



 Our choices determine our behavior which ultimately leads to success in our health goals. We will help you gain clarity on how you feel in your body and the habits that need to change to bring that about. 

You'll walk away from this session with a detailed game plan, including:

  • Dietary changes you can make immediately

  • Lifestyle adjustments you can start immediately 

  • Lab test recommendations custom to your specific situation

  • Initial supplement recommendations, if applicable

  • Clarity on how I can support you through your journey

Image by Eric Rothermel

Ready to get started?

I would love to help you get on the road to healing! Schedule your initial consultation below.

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